Xian Day 1 and Day 2, Exploring The Capital of Ancient China

Xian was my first destination during my trip to China this time in August this year. It’s has become one of the destination I like to go long time back due to the history of the city. Xian was named as Changan in old time and had become the capital of ancient china for several dynasty, more than Beijing. No wonder, there are many historic places to visit on this city. How to Get Here? You can fly to Xian through Xian Xianyang International Airport.  Me myself fly to this city via Bangkok as Read more [...]
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Fun Taiwan – North Coast

Taipei city is mostly metropolitan area, which I could hardly find any difference from Singapore (malls, mrt, buildings and temples). So during our 4 day trip, we allocated 1 day to see the outskirt of Taipei along the Northern Coasts, to have some nature trip and to find out if its really fun in Taiwan? Transportation to the northern region has these routes for public transportation: Taipei to Yehliu Take MRT to Taipei Main Station and transfer to 金青活動中心 at Kuoguan Bus at West Station Read more [...]
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Qingdao – Let’s visit Europe Side of China

It became one of my short break in March to visit one of the greenest and cleanest city in China. Qingdao itself is also one of domestic tourist destination, especially during the summer times, where tourist both local and international will flock into the beaches of Qingdao.  The story of the journey was started from the Scoot’s voucher received for my previous family flight’s to Sydney as result of flight delay more than four hours before from Sydney to Singapore. Initially, I think of just Read more [...]
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Taroko – Adventure to The Nature

Taroko became the center of my visit in Taiwan May last year. It’s my second time to Taiwan. Taiwan now has become one of my favourite destination. It offers a lot of nature beauty, delicious delicacy, many night market to accompany your night time as well friendliness of the people. Cost of travelling in Taiwan is also relatively affordable. Taroko itself is not coming from Japanese’ language as many of the people might think of. The origin name of Taroko is coming from the name of the tribe Read more [...]
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Makassar – Island Getaway

We wake up a bit late compared to our initial plan as we are too tired for our journey day before. After having the breakfast from the hotel, we went straight to Fort Rotterdam. When we reached Port Rotterdam, we are approached by a Man offering us boat tour for island hopping which is our plan as well. The price offered is reasonable, IDR 400.000,- for 3 islands, Lai Lai Island, Pulau Kahyangan and Samalona island. Information I got from website before, many of the boat owner would request IDR 500.000 Read more [...]
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Makassar Day I – When The Mouth Could Not Stop

Some of my friends, also the readers ask me to visit as well to write article of Indonesia, my home country. Makassar is my first article for Indonesia. More article on Indonesia will also come this year as well. How To Get There ? Makassar has International Airport, Sultan Hasanuddin International airport, one of the best airport in Indonesia. This airport also serves as hub for several airlines servicing east destination of Indonesia. You can reach here from Singapore via Jakarta or via Balikpapan. Read more [...]
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Israel – Journey to the Holy Land Part III

5 Ms of Jerusalem (MURALS, MALLS, MUSEUMS, MARKETS and MEALS!) Other than religious sites, there are also several contemporary places worth visiting in Jerusalem: Jerusalem New City Living in the new city of Jerusalem, one might observe the building structures are also made up of stone walls. According to the guide (Jerusalem Municipality Free tour) there is a municipality policy which requires all building facade in Jerusalem to be made up of rock boulders: Modernity also comes with Read more [...]
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Israel – Journey to the Holy Land Part II

Welcome back to our special edition Israel, Holy Land Part II. We hope you enjoy it. Almost all children’s party has this game called “Trip to Jerusalem”, and now I realize why such game was named after this place, since its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times.  (Courtesy of Wikipedia).  Pretty much describes how this musical chair game is similar to the history of this place. Jerusalem On our first Read more [...]
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Israel – Journey to the Holy Land

As we are approaching good friday, end of this month, starting this week until end of the month, we have special article contributed by Gelo on Israel. Hope you enjoy and inspire your next trip. The succeeding places that we visited are the Holy Places in the perspective of Christian faith; however some of these places are common with other monotheistic faith. To set everyone’s expectations in terms of the authenticity of these places, based on books and articles, they are recognized as “Traditional” Read more [...]
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Ochre : An Italian Taste

Last month, I went to Ochre to try their Italian food in Orchard Central. The restaurant is located at 11th floor of the building. Do check whether the elevator you take will go to 11th floor, as there are elevators won't reach that floor. When I reached the restaurant around 7 PM on Sunday, not much people dine at that place. It's quite surprised for me as based on comments online I searched before, the place normally quite full, perhaps it's a bit early and it's sunday. Surprisingly, the Read more [...]
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