Kenting – Let’s Begin Taiwan Journey

Taiwan has been become highlight of my trip this year. I have been visiting Taiwan several times, and it had been one of my favourite travelling place. This year, I decided to explore more on Taiwan especially on Southern area, central and Taiwan’s islands for my block leave this year.

I start my journey via Hong Kong to Kaoshiung. Actually you can fly now direct to Kaoshiung using Scoot from Singapore or Airasia via Kuala Lumpur currently.On arrival area, there is free international call provided that you can use to call back home.
Kaoshiung Arrival Hall

My first day destination is Kenting, southern part of Kaoshiung, approximately 2.5 hours from Kaoshiung. You can take bus directly from Kaoshiung airport, no need to take the bus from city center. First you will need to buy the bus ticket from one of the shop on arrival area. Unfortunately, there is no sign in English for ticket seller, it’s located nearby the exit door as shown below.
Arrival Hall

The bus stop is just next to the airport, very convenient. Just make sure you wait on the correct bus stop.

Kaoshiung Airport Bus stop to Kenting Bus to Kenting Finally, I arrive in Kenting in one of the bus stop nearby my hotel. There are several bus stops in Kenting, so make sure you stop in the bus stop nearby your hotel. I stay in Gold hotel in Kenting. The design of the hotel is amazing. It seems I enter a cave when I enter the hotel with friendly staff give me many suggestions for my trip. Gold Hotel To explore Kenting, I was renting scooter to roam around due to limited public transport and for travel further. You will need international driving license to rent the scooter. Taiwan is far stricter in terms of scooter rental compared to other countries. Scooter rental will cost approximately 400-600 TWD/day depends on the model that you choose. Kenting Kenting Kenting

You can find several attractive accomodation in Kenting like the one below.


The first destination I went was Eluan Pi Lighthouse (鵝鑾鼻燈塔). It had been completely built in 1883, since Ching government.

Eluan Pi Lighthouse Eluan Pi Lighthouse Eluan Pi Lighthouse























On the same direction, you can visit Southern most point (墾丁大街夜市). From the entrance, you will need to walk approximately 500 M inside.

Southern Most Point Southern Most Point Southern Most Point























On my way home, I purchase aiwen Mango, a local produce from Tainan, near Kaoshiung. It taste very sweet.


At night, you will need to visit Kenting night market (墾丁大街夜市). You can find many interesting food street like flying fish egg sausage, fried milk, spring roll ice cream and my favourite bacon cheese corn.

Kenting Night Market Kenting Night Market Kenting Night Market IMG_20150711_192134 Kenting Night Market













































On next day, it’s my travel time to Hengchun, a small town next to Kenting. After having nice breakfast from surrounding cafe, it’s time for me to visit Chuohuo. Chuohuo is actually mudstone with natural gas emitted hence there is fire produced. It’s just a short visit as not much to see in the area.


The next destination was Jialeshui (佳樂水), seaside area. There was event there during my visit hence there was some performance with some vendors selling food and beverages during the time.

Jialeshui Jialeshui Jialeshui Jialeshui

From there, it’s time for me to visit old town of Hengchun with it’s gate wall still in place.

Hengchun Old Town Hengchun Old Town Hengchun Old Town

I have my noodle lunch in the old town area.

Lunch Lunch

The last destination was Kenting Houbihu fish market. From here, there was also ferry to Lanyu however it seems not as regular compared to the one from Taitung. Hence for my trip, I took the ferry I booked from Taitung. It’s quite interesting to visit Houbihu, and many people visit here to have seafood lunch in the fish market.

Kenting Houbihu Kenting Houbihu Kenting Houbihu

Afterward, I took train to Taitung to stay a night before visit Lanyu island.


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