Bye – Bye LCCT, Welcome KLIA2

In these years, there are many new airports launched across Asia especially with strong travel growth across to accommodate more passengers. Now airport is not just an ordinary place to take flight. It has as well evolved become destination itself with its facility, dining choices or even shopping place. It make transit in between journey not  painful, but enjoyable experience.

LCCT itself had successfully became a travel hub especially in Asia to travel across in budget way. While Changi airport is known best hub and airport for flight in Asia, but LCCT surpass Changi  airport in term of budget travelling. It had successfully transformed Kuala Lumpur became low cost hub in Asia.

Due to the growth of the budget travel, LCCT was no longer be able to accommodate the passenger traffic, it needs to be replaced by new airport with larger terminal. It’s now replaced by KLIA 2, a new brand airport in Kuala Lumpur, the largest airport built specifically for low cost airline. It has now been opened even though experienced a delay of opening for several times.

I had used LCCT for my flight quite frequently these years to travel across. It’s a functional terminal with affordable meal choices and good transportation choice to the city. Now it will become my memory as it had stopped being used as passenger terminal.  I was excited during my trip last week to Brunei which will use the brand new terminal, KLIA 2. It had just being opened to be used a week earlier before my flight.

Before my flight, I had searched the information to know much about the new terminal, especially the transit time in between my flight was quite short, only about one and half hour.  Hence any delay or unexpected events may caused me missed my flight.  My anxiety grows as my flight from Changi to Kuala Lumpur delay one hour due to traffic congestion at Changi, fortunately the flight managed to arrive and delay only half hour than the schedule, means I had only one hour in between. Good thing for our flight this time is just a short flight, only with cabin bag. We had performed online check line earlier and noticed for our flight between KL – Brunei do not need to pass the document verification counter.

In LCCT before, we will need to get out of immigration and check in back to departure terminal unless we purchase flight thru ticket. Transit  in KLIA 2 is now more smooth and enjoyable as we don’t need to go out the immigration and check in back. You can directly go straight to your gate. This facility with the note that you do not need Visa/ document check for your next flight should you do not have baggage with you. Please allocate sufficient time as the airport is large and can take half hour to your gate with long walk.

Once you landed, look for the domestic/ International transfer green sign. You should find this sign before reaching the arrival and immigration hall. You will then find the transfer counter. The elevator for transfer is on the left corner of the transfer counter.  Take the elevator  and pass the security check before you can walk to your terminal. You will have another security check in front of your terminal.
Transfer Sign
Transfer Counter

For all flights include Airasia flight now in KLIA 2 will use aerobridge which makes the journey more comfortable.

You will also notice something different for this terminal with its skybridge which separate the domestic and international terminal.
Sky Bridge

For the new terminal , both arrival immigration and departure have more counters hence will have shorter queue.
Arrival Immigration
Security Check

On arrival side, you will also find the tourist information center same as the one in LCCT before. It’s useful counter to get the map or brochures for travelling in Malaysia.
Tourist Information Counter

On arrival side, you will also see the sign for the KLIA express, it’s express train to go to KLIA terminal or go to the city. It’s more direct compared to the LCCT before, as people before need to go to old KLIA terminal to take the express train. Now the Airasia tune hotel can also be reached with short walk from arrival terminal.

KLIA 2 also have the luggage storage on the arrival side.
Luggage Storage

For information, you can look for information counter. Currently there are volunteer  which you can ask about the airport as well, with big sign “Ask Me”.
Departure Gate
Information Counter
Ask Me

It has a mall, the gateway@KLIA2 makes your journey more pleasant for shopping. KLIA2 now has more numbers and varieties for dining choices from vegetarian,  local food, fast food or western food.

For the new KLIA2, it’s advisable you to allocate at least one hour before for the long walk especially if you need to pass the sky bridge to the international terminal.
Departure Area
Departure Area

The new KLIA 2 have 3 gates, P, Q and L. Tranfer in between can take quite a long time.  For my flight last week, I had used both L and Q gate. For one Q gate itself, number of gates inside is already surpassed the old LCCT.
International Departure

If you don’t shop or eat enough, there are choices inside for both shopping and dining.

It has modern and comfortable relaxing and waiting place in between.
Waiting Area

The design of P gate and Q gate is quite different. For P gate,  it’s more closed gate where for each gate number for P gate, you will have room with gate in front. Meanwhile for Q gate, it’s adopted open gate area. The Q gate has long corridor which reminded me on old Changi budget terminal.
Gate Q at KLIA2
Gate Q at KLIA2

So far, I think I enjoy the KLIA 2 much better than the previous LCCT. The only lack of this terminal is non availability of water fountain like in Changi.  Even though, KLIA2 said to be built for low cost airline, but it’s very comfortable, same with other terminal, and  I think this terminal is much comfortable compare to the old KLIA terminal used by full service airline. I just hope this convenience not causing the airport fee increased much later on.

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  1. Esther says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for this post! It’s going to be my first time flying alone and first time transiting next week and I’m so lost! My transit time is only 1hr 40min and I’m afraid if there might be delays (which I strongly believe will happen).

  2. I wish klia 2 will be the best airport , i already visit these airport 2 times , 1. Year 2011 ( lcct airport ) and 2. Year 2015 ( klia airport ) and i’m very sure, one day it will become the best airport and famous too .

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