Otaru – City of Canal and Sushi

Otaru became my third destination during my visit to Hokkaido. Its location is relatively close to Sapporo, hence some people might visit this place for day trip only. Me myself, spend my stay in the place as I would like to enjoy the night view of Otaru.

The city has excellent night view and famous of its canal. You might want to have romantic moment with your spouse walking along the canal. The city is also famous for its musical box as well the sushi , one of the best in Japan on national level.

After arrive at Otaru, I am looking for bakery shop recommended by one of Japanese friend I met during my visit at Toya Lake Hostel. Me myself also recommend you to look for Letao, the location is nearby Otaru JR station. Letao is famous for its double fromage cheese cake with the matcha (green tea) cheese cake as well. Letao Letao Letao

I chose 2 slices of cakes, one was the double fromage cheese cake, the best seller, and one matcha cake accompanied with hot coffee. Letao

Afterward, I went around to look for the canal area, the famous night view of Otaru. Otaru Otaru

Walking along the Otaru canal is very pleasant experience with the night light accompanying you. Otaru Canal Otaru Canal Otaru

During my walk, I find new Japanese snack, Bakudanyaki. Bakudanyaki looks like Takoyaki, but the size is enormous. It’s a mixed of Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. You can choose different favour. Bakudanyaki Bakudanyaki Bakudanyaki

There is one street in Otaru, which full of Banks, kind of Finance street include Museum of Finance. Finance Street Finance Street

Visiting Otaru is incomplete without visiting Sushiya dori street, a street full of Sushi stores. Otaru is very famous for its sushi on national Japan level, so it’s good for you to try one of the sushi stores there. Sushiya dori street Sushiya dori street Sushiya dori street

I chose one of sushi stores at corner, Otaru Tatsumi Sushi Hanazono. The price of sushi  in Otaru is not cheap, but it’s nice to try and experience it. I order one set of sushi contain different types of sushi. Otaru Tatsumi Sushi Hanazono Otaru Tatsumi Sushi Hanazono Otaru Tatsumi Sushi Hanazono Otaru Tatsumi Sushi Hanazono

After having my dinner, it’s time for me to go back to my hostel. My hostel itself is located at the top of Mt Tengu, at the end of the station where you can take Otaru ropeway. Mt Tengu Ropeway

The weather on the top is cold, can still find some ice snow on top even though there are no longer snow on the down town. Mt Tengu is famous for its skiing location during the winter time. There is nice view of city of Otaru from the top. View from Mt Tengu

My hotel itself is nice, considered cheap compared to other accommodations in Otaru, the tourist places for people especially from Sapporo. It’s a personal room with television inside. The only minus if you carry heavy luggage with you, as it’s a sloppy road from or to the bus station and no stores nearby. However for food, or beverages are provided in the accommodation.
Villa Mountengu YH, Japan
2-13-1 Mogami, Otaru-shi
Hokkaido, 047-0023
Phone : +81-134-33-7080
Email   : villa@tengu.co.jp Villa Mountengu YH Villa Mountengu YH Villa Mountengu YH

The view in the morning from the Villa is quite pleasant. View from Villa Mountengu YH

We will continue our journey to Sapporo next.


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