Makassar Day I – When The Mouth Could Not Stop

Some of my friends, also the readers ask me to visit as well to write article of Indonesia, my home country. Makassar is my first article for Indonesia. More article on Indonesia will also come this year as well.

How To Get There ?
Makassar has International Airport, Sultan Hasanuddin International airport, one of the best airport in Indonesia. This airport also serves as hub for several airlines servicing east destination of Indonesia. You can reach here from Singapore via Jakarta or via Balikpapan. Last year, Garuda Indonesia serves this destination directly this destination from Singapore, however later the flight has to stopover in Balikpapan.

My travel this time fall during the long weekend of Good Friday. For this time, I take Garuda Indonesia instead of budget airline normally with a good deal on the ticket. Even the flight schedule from or to Singapore is not that good for short trip like long weekend, I choose this route as  it’s the only direct flight from Singapore at the time I booked the ticket.

Up to my surprise, my initial direct flight become indirect flight with stop over in Balikpapan for about half hour and time changes without any notification sent to me before from the airline. It’s unpleasant start for my holiday this time. However the show must still go on despite changes on the schedule impact for my itenary arranged before.

The total journey from Singapore to Makassar via Balikpapan takes about 4 hours. As usual full flight services airline, at the time of boarding, there are some newspaper you can choose to accompany your journey. The plane is also equipped with inflight entertainment include films and music. For film, not much recently released box office available during the flight. One of the best film shown during the journey is Cold War released in 2012. There is no remote control for choosing or adjusting the inflight entertainment, only less responsive touch screen, which sometimes might cause a bit frustration to choose the entertainment.
Garuda Inflight Entertainment

For the meal itself, along the journey, we had two meals, one from Singapore to Balikpapan and the other from Balikpapan to Makassar. For Singapore to Balikpapan, it is full meal, choose between chicken with rice or mashed potato with beef. For the flight from Balikpapan to Makassar, we get the snacks for our meal as it’s short destination, only about 45 minutes. For the meal quality, I have to say it’s quite good. The aircraft refill the fuel during the transit in Balikpapan.
Garuda Inflight Meal

It’s my first time landed in Balikpapan as well Sulawesi island. When we are approaching Balikpapan, I can see how green Kalimantan is. Balikpapan itself is nearby the sea, hence many of the residential area is very close to the sea side.

Finally I arrived in Makassar at around 7 PM, two hours more than initial flight schedule booked before. After clear out the immigration counter, without having wasting our time, we went to take the cab from the airport. There are various cab counter however all have standard price which divided into 3 zones. For the airport to city which is included in zone 3, the highest rate, it cost you Rp 100,000 with additional 9500 for toll fees.

We stayed at Hotel Baji Gau in Cendrawasih area, not that far from famous tourist spots like Losari beach (Pantai Losari) via taxi with cost around IDR 15000 – 16000 , and Mal Panakukang can be reached via taxi with around 30000. It’s a good choice of hotel, considered cheap with spacious room and buffet breakfast. The hotel is equipped with Wifi and TV cable and it’s part of Aerowisata’ s hotel chain. Considering the price and facility, it will definitely be my choice if I visit Makassar again in future. The only minus side is when we get into the room, there is a smell of smoke, might be due to previous guests who smoke while staying in the room, hence it might not be suitable for you who can not tolerate on the smoke smell. They serve normal Indonesian type breakfast, plain rice with vegetables, and chicken with choice of drink coffee, tea and water.
Baji Gau Hotel

Hotel Baji Gau
Address : Jl. Baji Gau No. 32 J
                    Makassar City Center, Indonesia
Phone     : +62-4118114900

Not wasting much time after check in, we take cab directly to Losari beach. Losari beach area is famous for its sunset view, which we miss it due to changes on our flight schedule. When you visit Losari beach, one food you should not miss is Pisang Epe (Epe Banana). Pisang Epe basically is a grill banana which then pressed into flat shape. There is original Pisang Epe without any extra, and other favour, ie : Chocolate, Cheese, Chocolate and Cheese, Peanut and Durian.
Pisang Epe seller
Pisang Epe

The price of Pisang Epe is affordable, IDR 10,000 with 3 banana. We order 2 taste, one with durian favour and the other is chocolate and cheese. Both taste good. For durian favour, basically it’s not raw durian fruit, but it’s cooked sauce made from durian fruit. There are many Pisang Epe seller on the area, so you will not have any difficulty to taste one. During the weekend, the seller sell Pisang Epe up to 3 AM in the morning.
Pisang Epe with Chocolate and Cheese
Durian favour Pisang Epe

After having Pisang Epe as appetiser for our dinner, we roam around Datumuseng road, a culinary road. For you, culinary lover don’t miss this area, you can find many excellent local food here. Just walk along the street and then decide what you want to have later. Our first choice fall into Konro Bakar Losari. If you look on the outlook of the restaurant, you might not be interested to have your dinner here. But trust me, it’s the best dinner we had for the night.
Konro Bakar Restaurant
Konro Bakar Restaurant

After entering the restaurant, I found out in addition to Grilled Konro, they serve other famous Makassar food, Coto Makassar. For you who want Konro in soup, they have here as well. Konro itself basically is made of beef ribs. For grilled Konro, the meat is mixed with peanut sauce. They also give you the Konro soup, without the ribs and meat to accompany your dinner.
Grilled Konro

Coto Makassar itself is famous soup from the area which contain different part of cow’s meat include its intestines. It’s best eaten with Lontong/ Ketupat (block of packed rice). Even after having our main course, we already quite full, we decide to try other local famous food. Our choice fall into Pallubasa, but unfortunately when we want to order, they only have heart part of the cow. Pallubasa itself is another Makassar meat soup with coconut.
Coto Makassar

Konro Bakar Losari
Address : Jl. Datumuseng No : 6A
                    Makassar City, Indonesia
Phone     : +62-4111-5322888/ +62-4111-5392244

As we don’t have Pallubasa, we change our choice to Mie Titi. Mie Titi basically is a Chineese type of dried noodle, but different from Ifumie in term of the noodle. The name of Titi itself is coming from Mandarin which means brother. There are many local people having dinner especially order this order. There are other food as well include the fried rice. The special of the fried rice is the colour which is red due to tomato sauces added into the rice. There are several branches of Mie Titi in Makassar city.
Mie Titi
Mie Titi

Mie Titi
Address : Jl Datumuseng No : 23
Makassar City, Indonesia

For desert of the day is Pisang Ijo. Pisang ijo is famous desert of Makassar, banana wrap with green dough with its icy sweet syrup. Don’t miss it when you go to Makassar. Other choice of local popular desert is Pallubutung which we don’t take it as we were too full already.
Pisang Ijo

There are many locals gathering at Losari beach at that night. It’s popular spot for gathering especially on the weekend or eve of holiday like the day we visit. When you visit Losari, you might want to try Bebek (a duck shaped transport to bring you around the water).
Losari beach

As we had been tired after day long journey, we back to our hotel to rest as we need to wake up early for our next day journey for island hopping. Don’t miss our next journey. Follow us on  facebook by liking us so you will the first knowing when new article is being released.

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