Ochre : An Italian Taste

Last month, I went to Ochre to try their Italian food in Orchard Central. The restaurant is located at 11th floor of the building. Do check whether the elevator you take will go to 11th floor, as there are elevators won’t reach that floor.

When I reached the restaurant around 7 PM on Sunday, not much people dine at that place. It’s quite surprised for me as based on comments online I searched before, the place normally quite full, perhaps it’s a bit early and it’s sunday.

Surprisingly, the name of Ochre comes from France which is a form of earth pigment which produces colour ranging from simple pale yellow to sophisticated reddish purple which similar to Ochre’s culinary aim to start with basic and then transform dishes through innovative techniques, flavors, and textures.

Do take note on the dress code when you visit this restaurant, as slippers, sandals, shorts, bermudas and sleeveless are allowed in this restaurant. The ambiance of the restaurant if nice for gathering and also having conversation while enjoying your meal.

At that nice, I am interested to try out their Antipasti. First, I order their Burrata. It’s one of their favorite Antipasti. It’s a homemade burrata cheese served with tomato salad and parma ham. It’s a nice starter as the cheese taste is not too strong and matched with the parma ham and tomato served.

The second order is Bruscheta. On top of normal Bruscheta which is bread served garlic and cherry tomatoes, there is also salad served in between. I like the salad as it’s fresh and tasteful. Bruscheta become my favorite meal of the day, very recommended meal.

The meal portion in Ochre is quite big serving, hence do care when ordering so it won’t be waste. With two antipasti ordered, I am already full for the dinner. To close my dinner at that day, I was ordering the dessert. For the dessert I ordered Hot Chocolate sensation. I admitted I made mistake order this dessert, as I thought it’s a type of Chocolate lava cake. Just realize when the dessert being served, which is a cup of chocolate cream made of Torino baked varlhona. It’s served together with Almond Biscotti, milk froth & hazelnut truffle. The truffle is cold, so it’s a mix of cold and hot dessert together. The truffle is nice, as for the hot chocolate for me is so so, but not worth considering the price of the dessert.
Hot Chocolate Sensation

Overall it’s a good meal with nice dinner ambiance. Should you want to try the meal, you can visit the restaurant at :
Ochre Italian Restaurant
Ochard Central
181 Orchard Road # 11-03/04
Singapore, 238896
Phone : +65-66340423

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