Let’s Discover Hong Kong Part II

We’re back to our Hong Kong journey. On this edition, you’ll find interesting places and experiences to visit in Hong Kong. I’ll group interesting places into three main groups based on the location, hence you can plan your visit easily : Lantau island, Kowloon island, Hong Kong island and others. It would be good if you have octopus card, an electronic fare card to travel around Hong Kong :
A. Lantau Island
Lantau island is where Hong Kong international airport located. Even you are not staying in Hong Kong, just transit, some of the places can be easily visit through your transit time as the transportation there is efficient. There are some popular places to visit here :
1. Hong Kong Disney land
Hong Kong Disney land will be favourite place to be visited for family gathering. It’s a nice experience overall especially for those who had never been there, at least for once in life time experience. The size of the Hong Kong Disney land park is not that big, hence half day spend there up to closure of the park is sufficient.
Disney Entrance

The Disney experience already started when you take the metro to Disney from Sunny bay metro station as the train is designed with Disney characters on the hand handling and the window.
Disney train

When you visit Hong Kong, check out whether they have special occasion, like CNY (Chinese New Year) or other celebrations as the park will be designed accordingly. I visited here February 2010 when they had CNY theme, which really looks nice of seeing Disney characters in CNY outfit.

When you enter the park, don’t forget your  park map and check out the carnival time so you won’t miss it out.

Do stay up to closure of the park so you will be able to see firework at the end. For souvenirs, there are shops in the park. You can also have small souvenir of coin with Disney character printed by machines available across the park.

How To Get There ?
Take Metro to Sunny bay metro station then change to Disney line with stop at Disney resort station.

2. Ngong Ping 360
Ngong Ping 360 is cable car experience in Hong Kong that you should try when you are in Hong Kong. Go there early, as there is que of tourists and locals especially during the weekend. There are two types of cable car here, one is the normal cabin and the other is transparent cabin. For transparent cabin is really transparent, hence you can see from the cabin floor as well. For those who are afraid of height, not suggest to have the transparent cabin.  The view from cable car is excellent which you can see Hong Kong International airport, Hong Kong city high rise up to green area of Hong Kong.
How To Get There ?
Take Metro to the last stop of Orange line, stop at Tung Chung station, and follow the direction to the cable car.

Ngong Ping 360

3. Giant Budha and Po Lin Monestery
You will reach this place when you take Ngong Ping 360 going up. It’s nice place to visit even you are not going to pray in this place. You can try vegetarian food sold inside the monestary as well.
How To Go There ?
Take cable car from Tung Chung going up.

Po Lin Monestary

4. City Gate Mall
Hong Kong had been famous for shopping for long time due to no GST applied. For you who are bargain hunters especially looking for good bargain on branded items, then this place will fulfill your shopping desire. The mall is very huge with various brands available inside and also dining places. Should you travel from the airport or on going to the airport but want to spend last minutes shopping, there is baggage locker on the ground of the mall which’s convenient. The transportation from there to airport is also easy, there is local bus direct to the airport or you can take the metro back to Tsing Yi before going back to the airport, however me personally prefer the local bus as it’s direct and much cheaper option.
How To Get There ?
Take the Metro to Tung Chung station or take bus from bus station of Hong Kong International airport to there.

B. Kowloon Island
Kowloon island become my favourite place to stay in Hong Kong as the place is so lively up to midnight especially in Mong Kong areas. Try this when you are there :
1. Ladies Market
In this market, you can find various souvenirs including clothings and some electronic stuffs here. Ensure you do bargaining here alot as normally seller will put high price initially. Most of the goods here are China made stuffs. Other market to be considered is also Temple street Market at Jordan MRT.
How To Get There ?
Take Metro to Mong Kong station Exit E2.

Ladies Market

2. Mongkok
Mongkok is the most lively place on Hong Kong island especially at night. Do spend time here. You can do your shopping here as well as there are many shops available for you here. It might be so crowded for you who are not used to it, and it’s normal for people bump each other in this super crowded area. In contrast, the area will be so deserted at early morning, as most of people are still resting.
Mongkok at Morning

At the night time, you will be entertained by many street performers who added the lively of the area.

Not only for shopping or street performer, Mongkok  is also famous for its food. Do try their street food here with affordable price. One of my favourite is stinky toufu. Some people might be not fond on it due to the smell, but try to have it. Other nice food here is its meat ball. You might also be tempted to try others as well.
Mongkok Street Food

When you visit Mongkok, you must also try Hui Lau Shan desert. They have several stores at Mongkok itself and each of the store normally full of people. It has become one of food I must go whenever I went to Hong Kong. Most of their deserts are made of Mango with different varieties.
Hui Lau Shan 
Hui Lau Shan
How To Get There ?
Take MTR to Mongkok Station

3. Avenue of Star
It’s best to visit here early in morning when there are not many people here. No entrance fee needed here. It’s sort of pedestrian street at the edge of Kowloon island, famous for its famous star’s print print on the floor and its scenery background of Hong Kong for taking pictures here.
How To Get There ?
Metro East Tsim Sha Tsui Exit J

Avenue of Stars
Jet Lee Imprint
Avenue of Stars view

4. Symphony of  Lights
Symphony of lights is one of famous tourist attraction performed daily exactly at 08.00 PM. The nice place to see this attraction is at Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) waterfront.  It’s consist of music and light show from high rise buildings across at Hong Kong where the building in turn show its spectacular light. When you visit TST waterfront, don’t miss its clock tower as well.
How To Get There ?
Metro East Tsim Sha Tsui Exit J

Symphony Light

C. Hong Kong Island and Others
1. Experience Hong Kong Tram especially at Night
It’s wonderful journey and experience of taking vintage Hong Kong Tram especially at night. By taking the tram, you can see a glimpse of Hong Kong island as it’s travelled from East to West and West to East of Hong Kong island. You can see and take beautiful pictures from these 2 storey trams in relax and relatively cheap way. Its single ticket only cost HKD 2.3 and you can also pay with your Octopus card here as well.

2. The Peak Tram
It’s very touristy and there could be long queue especially on the afternoon to night as many people would like to go up to see the scenery of Hong Kong on both day and night scenery. Try its vintage tram having journey up to the Peak with its about 45 degree elevated along its way. Should you want shorter queue, I remember  when I visited there before, you will have priority line if you buy ticket together with other show/ attraction like Madam Tussauds or observatory ticket. You will also see historical gallery on the tram station also.
How To Get There ?
Take the tram from its station at Garden Road, Central. Take exit J2 from Central MTR station.

3. Madam Tussauds
It’s the famous wax museum available in several countries including Bangkok, Thailand. Normally for the museum, will consist of wax famous figures both international or local of the country, like the one in Hong Kong as well. There are many local Chinese actors and actresses’s figures in this Museum like Andy Low, Miriam Yeung as well international figures like Barack Obama, Einstein, etc.
How To Get There ?
Take the Peak Tram to the Peak

Madam Tussauds

4. The Peak
The ambiance in the peak is nice as well the weather. The weather here might be cold especially at night, hence you might need jacket when going up here especially during winter. People normally go here for see the view, relax, dine or see some attractions here like Madam Tussauds or its observatory to see Hong Kong city from the top. It’s thing must be done in Hong Kong. Try to go up here at around 6 or 6.30 PM hence you can slowly enjoy the view of day and night time of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong View From The Peak
Hong Kong View from the Peak at Night

It’s place for both dine or have some drink, popular spot for hang out in Hong Kong. See more in earlier article of Hong Kong.
How To Get There ?
Take MTR to Central Station and then talk Midlevel Escelator

6. Lan Kwai Fong
It’s famous for its night life and places for drinking in Hong Kong.
How To Get There ?
MTR Central Station Exit D2.

7. Causeway Bay
Causeway bay area is shopping area on Hong Kong island. For you who like shopping, this area is a must visit place for you.
How To Get There ?
Take Metro to Causeway Bay station

8. Stanley Market
You can visit this market at morning by bus however the journey to this place its quite far, but you can have different view of Hong Kong. It’s near the beaches, so if you visit Hong Kong during summer, you might consider this place with the beach also. On the journey, you will also notice a remarkable residential apartment with square hole in between.
How To Get There ?
From MTR Hong Kong  station Exit D to Exchange Square Bus Terminus and take Bus No 6, 6A, 6X, 66 and 260.

Actually there are many other interesting places to visit in Hong Kong in addition to the places mentioned above, however these are common places which are visited by most of the tourists. Should you have more time, perhaps you will consider other places as well


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