Japan Day 8 : Tokyo Guide Part 2, The End of Journey

It had been several months since my last article published. Apologize for people waiting for new articles coming in. This is the last part of Tokyo which also will end the Japan Chapter as we are going to move to new interesting destination.

The first destination on my last day in Japan is Asakusa temples.  This is one of the most interesting and important temple in Tokyo, so don’t miss it when you travel to Tokyo. You can reach Asakusa at Ueno station Exit 3, direction to Sensoji temple.

When you enter the temple, you’ll find many stores selling souvenirs, food and Japanese clothings.  For you who are looking for some souvenirs for your trip or friend, recommend to make a purchase here as the price is more reasonable and have variety choices, include if you are looking for your own Japanese clothing, kimono, etc.

After passing rows of shop, you are going to temple gate of Asakusa. It’s raining during the day, but it is not deter people from visiting Asakusa.

In Asakusa temple, you can also purchase different types of charms, depends on the usage either for study, work, romance, health, and others with prices like ¥500 – ¥1000.

Other thing you might want to try like locals  having scent of incense to your face and body.

It’s lunch time, there is one Japanese restaurant nearby Asakusa. You will find this on your right from the metro station before reaching Asakusa.

Same as most of Japanese restaurant, you can find the wax sample showing how the food looks like. Personally, I recommend this restaurant with its nice taste of gyoza, noodle and its don menu. The price there is also affordable, hence it won’t broke your wallet. When I visit there, all the guests except me are locals hence it seems also popular for local there with helpful staff.

The next destination for the day is the imperial palace. Admission to imperial palace same like some garden managed by imperial household agency like Kyoto imperial palace, Sento imperial palace, Katsura imperial palace and Shugakuin imperial palace are free, however visitor need to register themselves online. Application is opened for the visit of next two months, and for some popular palace normally is very quick booked up. To register your visit during trip in Japan, you can do it here.

First, at the entrance, the officer will check first your name with passport against the registration list to ensure you are the eligible guests and then all visitors will be placed at Someikan (visitor’s house) where there are explanation about the imperial palace grounds, some history. Visitor are also given the brochure which is also available in English with the audio assistant also available for free. It’s really nice and wonderful tour to see inside the imperial palace with zero expense.

The location of Tokyo Imperial Palace itself is in the centre of Tokyo, nearby Tokyo station and Otemachi station. From inside the imperial palace, you can oversee the high rise building nearby the imperial palace.

 During the tour, you will  look several principal building like Fujimi Yagura (3 storeys watched tower reconstructed in 1659), the imperial household agency building (Kunaicho Chosha), Fujimi-Tamon defence house and Hasuikebori, and for sure one of the most popular is Kyuden Totei Plaza  in front of Chowaden Hall of imperial palace where during New year day and Emperor’s birthday, emperor, empress and members of the imperial family stand on balcony outside chowaden hall and receive greetings from people gathering in the plaza.


Total duration of the tour itself is approximately 75 minutes with guide from the imperial palace to guide you to see surrounding include plant, and for sure bonsai plant.




From traditional part of Japan, Asakusa and Tokyo Imperial palace, we move to modern Japan. One of the landmark of modern Japan is Shinjuku.



Here is place for you shoppers, with many shops surrounds you. You can also satisfy your tummy by dining in restaurants here, from fast food up to restaurants are available in the area.






Another popular modern landmark in Tokyo that need to be visited especially for anime lover and cosplay is Harajuku. Harajuku is very popular especially for the youth, where on the weekend, you might see some people having cosplay, an anime like.


The main crowd area in Harajuku is Takeshi Street where the road is extremely crowded with the youth all around.





Main target customer here is youth, so for you are youth or feeling young, you might find suitable clothes or things here in Harajuku. The price here is also relatively cheaper as the target customer is youth.




Sky was getting darker, and it’s time for my last dinner in Tokyo. For my dinner, I had Yoshinoya, Japanese restaurant which had branches across the world include Jakarta and Singapore. Hence it’s logical to try the one in the country where it comes.

My visit in Harajuku became my last tour place in Tokyo and Japan and officially ending my vacation in Japan. It’s time to go back to Haneda airport to catch up midnight flight. Thank you for all of you following the Japan series. This is the end of Japan series and we will release soon other interesting destinations forward which I still have some pending on writing the article. BTW, wait for our next article, as there is surprise destination and format coming soon.

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    Wow, nice article!

    Harajuku seems to be an interesting place, I’ll include it on our itinerary when we go to Japan. Thanks for sharing!

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