Japan Day 7 – Gotemba, Shop Till You Drop


For shoppers and bargain hunters, this is article dedicated for you. For you who plan to visit Japan and like to shop branded items, you might want to consider this place in one of your itenary. Gotemba is one of premium outlets which are built in several countries, including the one in Johor Bahru. For you who had not read the article on Johor Bahru premium outlet, you might want to look to read the article here for your comparison. Japan  has long become major destination for the branded items which are welcomed by the citizens there. No wonder, premium outlet open one of the outlet in Japan to cater the need of branded and luxury items both for domestic and tourists as well.

How To Get There ?
For those who are visiting Hakone, there is bus which is included in the Hakone free pass.  You can take the bus from Gora station or Sengoku station in Hakone which will stop in the bus station in front of Gotemba premium outlets.  Please take a note the bus frequency is less, only one bus every hour, hence you need to know the bus timing unless you have to take the next hour bus. The journey itself is far approximately one hour journey from Hakone.

Other alternative for people visiting Tokyo is by Asagiri express train operated from Odakyu Shinjuku directly to Gotemba station or JR pass holder, you can take JR Tokaido line to Kozu then transfer to JR Gotemba line. There is also bus operated from west exit from Shinjuku station or from Tokyo station for about 90 – 100 minutes.

You also need to check the opening hour during your visiting month as it varies :





You will find the architecture of Gotemba building similar with the one in Johor Bahru which I think it is common design from the principal of premium outlet.

The good thing of Gotemba is the surrounding view of Gotemba where you can still find nice view of nature while you shop. You can also find ferry wheels in the area as well.

The  Gotemba area is really huge compared to Johor premium outlets. You will need hours to just roam around the area, not mentioning if you shop, so plan several hours adequately.


The area itself is divided into two main zone, west zone and east zone

. West zone is the front area nearby the bus stop. There are more than 80 shops brands waiting for you in the west zone only. From the common brands you normally hear or shop include Levi’s, Lacoste, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Burberry, Diesel, Bally, Bottga Veneta, Calvin Klein, Jimmy Joe, Longines, Swatch, and Tag Huer up to others brands, ie Junko Shimada, Junmen, Melrose, Anna Sui, Bodum, and many mores. There are also 8 cafe/ food stalls in west area.

East zone is the location where the ferry wheels located. East and west zone is seperated by bridge in between the area.

On the east zone, there are more than 100 brands to satisfy your shopping desire, just name it. From Armani, banana republic, Dunhill, Prada, Timberland, Camper, Hush Puppies, Tod’s and many more.

Gotemba are is also equipped with playground. It’s good for parent with kids hence kids can play in the playground while the parents are shopping.

My interesting experience while in Gotemba is far away from my country, I also meet some Indonesian shopping here. What’s a small world or perhaps Gotemba has become one of shopping destination in addition to Orchard and Hongkong.


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