Japan Day 7 – Hakone Part II, The Great Escape

It has been more than a month since my last post. For those who are waiting for the new article on Hakone, sorry for keep you waiting for long time. Welcome back to Hakone edition. After have nice rest in Masuya ryokan, today is my last chance to explore Hakone before going back to Tokyo later. The first destination for that day is Togendai as I would like to ride the ropeway to Owakudani. Hakone ropeway is a must try experience when you travel to Hakone. You will be amazed with the view of Hakone from the top including the view of mount Fuji if the sky is clear enough.  Me personally like to try cable car/ ropeway when I travel, including the one in Ngo Ping 360 in Hongkong, Genting in Malaysia, and Sun moon lake in Taiwan.

During that day, the weather is quite nice whereby I am lucky enough to have Mount Fuji View from my cabin. The view is spectacular, which I think if I visit Japan again, I will include Fujiyama on my next trip.

The ropeway stop at Owakudani. Owakudani is great boiling volcanic valley with active sulphur vent and hot spring. Its hot spring is also become the source of hot spring water to hotels in Hakone. When you arrive in Owakudani, you can see how hot the volcanic valley is as it keeps producing steam with sulphur content. As this are is famous among domestic and international tourists, you can also find shops or restaurants to fulfill your need including sulphuric soap made from Owakudani’s sulphur.

At Owakudani area, you will find this cute hello kitty with kuro tamago statues beside the souvenir shops. There are several souvenir shops as well restaurants/ cafe to fulfill your need, or just have some snacks.

From there, you will need to walk along the way to enjoy better view from the top. At the top, you will find many people are eating kuro-tamago, egg boiled with sulphuric water from Owakudani.  Many people believe that eating one kuro-tamago will increase your longevity by seven years. The shell is black due to chemical reaction with sulphuric water.   One pack of kuro-tamago cost you ¥ 5oo contain 5 eggs. As I bought already the egg in Yunessun, and not yet finish it, I decided not to buy anymore, eventhough the egg there seems nicer as it is hard boiled compared to Yunessun’s soft boiled eggs.

The view from the top is really nice to see the surrounding of Owakudani. I allow myself to spend sometimes there to enjoy the scenery.

Afterward, I went to the bus station to take me to Souzan station. Actually, there is another ropeway from Owakudani to Souzan which also included in your pass. Unfortunately during my visit, it is under regular maintenance.

Souzan station is one of the place to try the cable car, another transportation  mode in Hakone. From there,  I take the cable car to Gora which later I plan to take the bus to bring me to Gotemba, huge premium outlet.
 We will continue our article next week for Gotemba. For bargain hunters, don’t miss the next article.

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