Chung Cheng Mee, a Must Visit for Noodle Lover

Food stall we are going to talk about is located at Golden Mile Food centre, same as previous post of Thai food. Chung Cheng, is the name of the food stall. It serves prawn noodle, chilli noodle as well Laksa in Singaporean style.

It’s about 10 AM in the morning, and many stalls are still not yet opened. This stall attract me to try on the food. There is a small que in front with the couple serving the noodle. The owner proudly put the publication of the stall in one of the  magazine just below the name of the food stall. Will it be tasteful as it’s described ? Let’s find out.

For our breakfast, we choose two types of prawn mee/ noodle. One is the dry type, and the other with soup type noodle.  The prawn noodle in Singapore, have different appearance and taste compared to the prawn noodle I had in Indonesia and Malaysia.  The prawn noodle I had before have thicker soup as flour mixed with water is put inside. It serves with fried potato, sliced of egg, bean sprouts and sliced fried potato with some green chilli for ones who like spicy. The soup itself normally boiled with shrimp’s shells and have fried ebi (small shrimp) on top of the soup. It smells good.

The soup type of prawn mee in Singapore has clear type of soup. It also serves with fish cakes and pork ribs but do not have sliced fried potato inside. It’s my first time ordering the prawn mee, hence it’s a bit surprise to find the clear soup, instead of the thick prawn noodle soup I had before. The soup served in Chung Cheng smells really good and matched with the noodle. The noodle itself is soft, quite different with others. Not sure, whether they make their own noodle or purchase from other vendors.

We also order the dry type prawn mee. The dry type one served with the sauces, which look like satay sauce, but it is not. It also have some pork ribs and egg on the noodle. Just ensure, you stir the noodle with the sauce first before eating it. For me personally, I prefer the dry type prawn mee, but the soup one is also good as well. For one bowl of prawn noodle both dry or soup, it costs 3 SGD for one bowl, if you want big portion, it just costs 4 SGD for one

So, whenever you went to beach road, or Golden mile complex or carving for prawn noodle, laksa, or chillie mee, why not try this one ? Chung Cheng  Golden Mile Food Centre #01-59 505, Beach Rd, Singapore, 199583

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