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Today I will post about Johor Premium Outlet, a new destination in Johor Bahru, just opened around end of 2011. For those who are waiting for tips of Philippines destination, don’t worry. It will still be posted in coming weeks before we finish all tips on Philippines   and  move to another destination.

Johor Premium Outlet is part of Iskandar Malaysia (IM), previously also known as Iskandar Development Region (IDR) to develop the southern part of Johor in which will consist of residential, and commercial area, include Johor premium outlet. Soon in the area, Legoland which will be opened in September or October this year.

How to Get There ?
A. By Car
There are 2 ways from Singapore to Johor Premium Outlet which takes about 1 hour drive:
1. Via Woodland : Singapore –> Sultan Iskandar Ciq JB –> Jalan Yahya Aldatar  –> Lebuhraya    Tebrau –> Lebuhraya Utara Selatan –> Exit 253 –> Exit 304 –> Exit 302A –> Johor Premium Outlets
2. Via 2nd link : Singapore –> Tuas –> Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua Malaysia Singapore  –> Exit 304 –> Exit 302A –> Johor Premium Outlets

B. By Bus
From Singapore, you can take causeway link bus from Kranji (CW1), Newton Circus (CW5) and Queen Street (CW2) departing to JB Central or From Jurong East bus & MRT interchange (CW3, CW3S, CW4, CW4S) and from Boon Lay (CW6) departing to 2nd link (JBCIQ). Travelling time will around 30-45 minutes. From JB Central and JBCIQ, then take the bus to Johor Premium Outlet. This is the cheapest alternative but as well less convenient one.

Bus schedule from JB Central to Johor premium outlet using JP01 :

  Bus schedule from 2nd link (JBCIQ) using JP02 :






C. Tour
Now, there is dedicated tour bus from Singapore, operated by Transtar with relative affordable price serving specifically for Johor premium outlet every saturday and sunday. You can take the bus from Resort world Sentosa/ Golden Mile complex/ Swissotel/ Royal plaza on Scoots.
Transtar Travel Pte Ltd
5001  Beach Road #01-12, Golden Mile Complex, Singapore, 199588
Phone : +65-6299-9009
Blk 809 French Road #01-192, Kitchener complex, Singapore, 200809
Phone : +65-6292-9009

For my journey itself, I take the bus tour from Transtar. I paid for SGD 9.9 from deal purchased compared to normal price SGD 18. Departure point I choose is Golden mile complex which departs at 10.45 AM. For Johor premium outlet, it uses the double deck premium bus same as the one used for departure to KL. 

The bus itself is convinient with three seats in a row, has entertainment (TV) for its seat, but for the destination to Johor premium can not be used. You will have about 3,5 hours to spend in Johor premium outlets before heading back to Singapore.








Total journey takes 2 hours including imigration from both Singapore and Malaysia. Johor premium outlet location is also nearby Johor Senai International airport which takes about 5-10 minutes from the airport. 

Johor premium outlet is a complex of outlets where you can find 80 designer and brand stores in one location with discount from 20% up to 70% everyday. Just name your favourite brand : Coach, Adidas, Armani Exchange, GAP, Timberland, Esprit, Zegna, Samsonite, Lacoste, Salvatore Ferragamo just a few names of the outlet. Local Malaysian brands, like Vincci and Padini are also available.

Basically, if you are looking for apparels, shoes, watches, bag, luggages, cosmetics up to housewares & home furnishings, then this place is suitable for you. The discount for the branded products there are quite teasing, one of my friend buy a pair of Nike shoes in SG cost her for about 260 SGD, but in there, you can find the same shoes only cost equivalent 170 SGD, a significant price difference. 

We find one interesting Crepe stall which draws a big fan on it in the location. Initially we plan to have the crepes as desert, but too full later.

For our lunch, we decide to visit the food court located on the ground floor on the left side of the entrance nearby the information centre.  We decide to choose Taiwanese food for our lunch and order 5 orders from three treasures beef noodle, claypot lau su fan, chicken dumpling, Taiwanese sausage with Fried bread.

It has been long time for me want to  try the fried bread. I remember the direct Mandarin translation of this dish is the coffin due to the shape of the bread. 


I choose claypot Lau Su Fan and Taiwanese sausages as my favourite meal for the day. As time goes by, it’s 16.30 PM, time to back to go back to SG.



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    Hi, would you happen to know how to go to kuala lumpur from jpo?

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