White Sand, Blue Sea with Blue Skies and Chill Milk Shake on My hand

If you look for nice beach with blue sea, white sand, then Philippines is suitable for you. There are various famous destinations to cater your need, from Moal Boal nearby Cebu, Coron where you can dive in wreck ship area, Honda bay in Palawan,  El Nido up to Boracay, as the most famous beach in Philippines. People list Boracay together with other famous beach destinations in the world, Honohulu, Miami beach, and Bali island.

How to go to there ?
There are 2 airports located nearby Boracay :
a. Godofredo P Ramos airport located in Caticlan. This small airport serve for domestic flight using small aircraft.  As the aircraft used for this airport is small aircraft, normally all flight to and from this airport will have reduced maximum weight of baggage and cabin. Cabin luggage is restricted to max 5 kg to normal 7 kg and check in baggage is restricted to 10 kg from normal 15 kg.

I am quite surprised as well when I check in for my flight out from this airport, airline staff also request me to stand on the weight to calculate the weight. Just wonder whether the airline staff will refuse me to flight due to my weight 😆 .  Godofredo P Ramos airport is the nearest airport to go to Boracay island. From the airport, you can either walk for about 10 minutes or you can take tricycle. Suggest for you just to take tricycle to the Caticlan jetty for Boracay destination. There is tricycle stand outside the airport building and cost about 50 pesos.

Boracay Godofredo P Ramos Airport

My flight from Manila to Caticlan Boracay

b. Kalibo international airport located in Kalibo.  This airport is able to serve big aircraft both domestic and direct international flight. Compared to Caticlan, Kalibo airport located farther. If your flight out taken from Kalibo, make sure you have sufficient time for your boarding.  You can take bus, minivan from or to Kalibo.

Another way to visit Boracay, there is minivan/ bus departing from Iloilo to Caticlan/ Kalibo on daily basis.

When you arrive in Caticlan Jetty, first you need to buy tickets first consist of :
Environmental fee  = 75 pesos
Pump boat = 25 pesos
Terminal fee = 50 pesos

If you book your hotel or hostel online already, please check with the hotel or hostel where you stay whether they provide complimentary airport pick up to take you from the airport to the place you stay. When the hotel/ hostel people pick you up, the person normally did not need to pay for the fee listed, only the guest need to pay. At departure time, don’t forget to take your Boracay map before you board your boat. It takes about 20 minutes for   pump boat journey from Caticlan to Boracay.    

Pump Boat to Boracay island

I am so fortunate as the hostel I stay provide me with free complimentary airport pick up which make my life easier  :lol:.  Boracay beach area consist of 3 stations :
a. Station 1 has the finest beach’s sands where most of luxury and expensive hotel locate.
b. Station 2 where most of commercial activities locate include D mall.
c. Station 3 where you can find cheapest hostel or hotel of Boracay and water sport area in the morning. 

From Boracay terminal to your hotel will cost you around 50-100 pesos. Do you know that you can view live area of Boracay from your computer? Just click to the link http://boracaylive.com/boracay-beach-live-camera/.  It’s a good tool for you to have a bit idea of Boracay. 

My hostel located in between end area of station 2 and beginning of station 3. Trafalgar cottages is one of the cheapest hostel, located in front of E mall (Station 3). You might miss the hostel as plants covered the front of the hostel. The hostel itself is operated by nice Filipino family. For just 500 pesos per night, you can get your own room with fan and inside bathroom and amenities (towel, soap) provided.  It’s a bit hard to find cheap accomodation in Boracay as Boracay is famous for tourists and the commercialization of the beach.
Trafalgar Cottages
Manggayad, Boracay Island, 5608, Aklan
Phone : +63-36288-3711
Email : trafalgarboracay@hotmail.com

From the hostel, it just need about 5 minutes to go to the beach. After check in, it’s a time for me to stroll around boracay beach.  Just one word “Wonderful” to describe the beauty of the beach. Weather in November during my time is so perfect with blue sky matched with white sand and blue sea. 

Boracay Beach


Now, it ‘s time for lunch. For my lunch, I choose Dos Mestizos serving spanish food. Dos Mestizos locate between station 2 and station 3 nearby Trafalgar cottages serving  various types of Tapas, Paella and other slow cooking spanish foods. You can even find the Paella with black squid ink.  It’s located in the alley behind the tourist centre. For the ambiance, dinner is better compared to lunch however during the dinner time, it’s might be fully booked, hence suggest for taking the reservation.

Dos Mestizos

For lunch, I am ordering Paella Valencia with Chorizo, spanish sausage. The serving of small portion of Paella is so huge, can be shared two to three persons. 

Paella Valencia

 The taste of the chorizo served with some potatoes and garlic is also so nice.  


You can also order shangrila cocktails and various types of wines to accompany your lunch or dinner. Please be prepared pay a bit more in the restaurant, as the restaurant serve fine dining. For 2 types of foods with drink, please consider to pay around 1000  to 2000 pesos for your dining without wine. The food there is wonderful. The only lack that I find during my dine are the waitress should have more smile serving the guest and sometimes it’s a bit hard to find the waitress to ask on the order or additional drink. Please expect more time waiting for the food as Dos Mestizos serve slow cooking spanish food.
Dos Mestizos
Remedios street, Sitio Manggayad
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 5608
Phone : +63 919 329 2557, (036) 288-5786
Email : dosmestizos@yahoo.com

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives, you can consider below restaurant :
a. Andoks, franchises available in many cities in Philippines serving nice Luimpo, Filipino type of barbeque, crispy pata, roasted chicken and Filipino deserts as well. For people who like to try Filipino food or adore pork, highly recommend Andoks with relative cheap price. It’s located in 5 places in Boracay, with one of them in between station 2 and station 3.
b. D’Talipapa serving varieties of food. You can ask for cooking the seafood you bought there with cheap price.

The weather in Boracay during the time is a bit hot. Kindly ensure you have easy wearing T-shirt and bring hats with you or you can also purchase in the beach area.  If you visit Boracay, you must not miss out Jonas milk shakes which have several branches in the island. One of the most popular one located in station 1. I like its peanut butter milk shake. You might consider other favour as well ie mango banana, mango pineapple milkshake or fruit juices.

Jonas milkshake in Station 1

When you walking along the beach, you can find a lot of tour operators offering island hoping, diving with PADI certification from beginner up to open water diving, parasailing, and other water sport activities. During your time in Boracay, you should take the island hoping  tour which cost you about 600 to 700 pesos   per person which include goggles, and lunch which a good offer.  You have to pay extra for environmental fees, if you swim or snookling in the national park and addditional 200 peso, should you want to explore the crystal cove and additional fees for renting fins. You can bring your own fins as well. Should you want a private tour, not join the common tour, you can rent individual boat either small boat for 1-8 persons, medium boat 6-12 persons or large boat for 17-25 persons. The route of island hoping depends on the weather and sea tide as well, normally will include crocodile island, crystal cove and Puka beach.

Island Hoping

For relaxing your body, you can take either foot or full body massages with only 300-350 pesos per hour.

For my last night in Boracay, I visit Gasthof, serving authentic german food and famous for its baby ribs with reasonable price. For my dinner, I am ordering baby back ribs with garlic rice.

Gathoff baby back ribs

Gasthof garlic rice

The location of Gasthof is in station 2, in front of D mall facing the beach.
Gasthof German Restaurtant
D’ Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island
Boracay, Aklan
Phone : (036) 288-6473.

You can also consider Cyma, Greek restaurant for you dinner during your trip in Boracay. To go to Cyma, you have to go inside the D’mall, it’s located at the back side, new part of D’mall. 

For my next post, I will write my travel to Cebu, one of the main tourist hub in Philippines.

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2 Responses to White Sand, Blue Sea with Blue Skies and Chill Milk Shake on My hand

  1. Gelo says:

    Thanks for the info, now I know how much cash needed at Caticlan jetty…for my Feb trip.
    Is it really more fun in the Philippines?

  2. Feast n Travel says:

    Hi Gelo,

    From the airport to caticlan, you will need 50 peso. For the pump boat, enviromental fee and terminal all in = 150 pesos and from the caticlan jetty to your hotel/ hostel will depends on how far your hotel/ hostel, normally cost around 50 – 100 pesos as you book for entire tricycle.

    During your trip in Boracay, to go to other station, you can use tricycle shared with other people, it just cost 10 pesos instead of booking entire tricyle which might cost 30-50 pesos.

    Just make sure you have sufficient cash as limited ATM available in island wide and cash normally quickly dried up at pay day, and will just be replenish on the next day.

    With good planning, it’s will be more fun for your trip. Enjoy your trip.

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